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The following will give you an overview of which repairs in and around your room will be taken care of by Villex, and which you will have to do yourself. You can notify Villex that a repair is needed by adding a reparation request on your My Villex account, you can also check the status of your request.

It is important to note that the repairs covered by your rent will only be carried out without additional costs for the tenant(s) if it is not due to negligence or fault of the tenant(s). If something needs to be repaired/replaced due to negligent maintenance, the costs will also be for the tenant(s).

This list, while extensive, is not 100% exhaustive. That means that in any other instance where there's uncertainty, it is wise to consult your tenancy agreement and its general terms and conditions before you ask Villex to repair it for you. This way, you avoid surprise costs. If the costs regarding the reparation will be for the student themselves, Villex will of course let you know beforehand. For
example, if you locked yourself out of the room and you need Villex to send someone by to (break)open your door.

The following schedule is for all locations except Bachtensteene Campus.

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