The corona virus; Villex will take measures

According to the latest measures set by our government, it is important for Villex to prioritize the safety of both residents and Villex staff members.
Everybody with symptoms including coughing, a cold, sore throat, or a fever must stay inside. If you have one or more symptoms, it is also important to cancel any appointments and stay at home.
The Villex staff is also not allowed to work if they experience symptoms.

Together we are responsible to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Our offices are closed and physical appointments will be cancelled. Of course, you can still reach us by telephone or via e-mail.
Have you scheduled a viewing, a check-in or a check-out? These appointments can proceed. However, hygienic measures will be taken for safety, such as keeping an appropriate distance from one another.

How is Villex safely proceeding with their work?

  • We don't shake hands during appointments. Villex will keep the appropriate distance of 1 or more meters.​
  • During the viewings, we will not be present inside of the living space. You may enter the living space alone. In the case of a group viewing, the viewers will enter the room one at a time. The Villex employee will wait outside to answer any questions.
  • Check-in? This will be arranged on location. The keys will be handed over to you, but there will be no extra guidance through the living space.
  • Check-out? Please make sure to follow the rules regarding the check-out procedure and return your keys back to us via an envelope. You can drop the envelope with your name and address in our mailbox.

In case you would like to cancel your appointments or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via 088-5320000.

Thank you in advance.